Dundee College

The practice were appointed by Archial Architects formerly Jenkins and Marr in 2007 to develop landscape proposals for a major expansion and improvement programme to the College facilities

An existing 1970’s courtyard included several mature conifers and a water feature which were to be removed to extend the building.

Existing car parking consisted of rutted and eroded red blaes surface and generally the existing landscape to the facilities was overgrown and in need of series of improvements with a programme of management and maintenance.

Construction commenced in January 2010 with Lend Lease as Management Contractors.

Landscape proposals to the Courtyard, Parking and Structure landscape proceeded to completion after the 12 months maintenance in June 2012

The existing courtyard was remodeled with the remaining space simplified to extend sitting walls and tables with a feature conifer retained from the existing landscape.

Car parking was extended to increase the parking numbers and the grounds enclosed by adding structure planting of native woodland and understory planting with wild meadow grass margins

Courtyard paving is a combination of smooth and textured paved panels which contrast in the rain and at night with the feature lighting to tree pits and sitting wall lighting

Seating tables are cobble filled weldmesh gabion baskets with cedar boards and trims.

Sitting walls of block walls with  conservation kerb/cope include  recessed lighting.