Culcrieff Steading

In 2004 Christopher Palmer Associates were commissioned to work with architects, James Denholm Partnership to develop a landscape setting for the 5 star Culcrieff self-catering village at Crieff Hydro.  Culcrieff village is a recreation of the original farm steading on a sloping site enjoying stunning views over Upper Strathearn and set within the grounds of Crieff Hydro.

The landscape scheme centres on a central courtyard providing informally terraced semi-private spaces relating to each self-catering cottage using changes of level and domestic scale planting enclosing a series of lawns and a private raised deck for each cottage.

The cottages are available to let for twelve months of the year and planting has been chosen to give seasonal interest throughout the year.

Client: Crieff Hydro Hotel

Architect: James Denholm Partnership

Engineers: Allan Gordon & Co