Lecht Ski Centre


In 1992 Christopher Palmer Associates were appointed to carry out a feasibility study for a package of environmental improvements to the Lecht Ski Centre near Tomintoul in Grampian. The study addressed issues of vehicle and pedestrian circulation, effectiveness of signage, appearance of buildings and snow fencing, and damage to fragile montane vegetation. The study also considered replacement of the ski centre buildings. Christopher Palmer Associates worked closely with Ski Centre Operator James Macintosh and Grampian Enterprise to arrive at a practical range of projects including improvement to signage, snow fencing, paint treatment to existing buildings, a pedestrian only frontage to the Ski Centre buildings, vegetation restoration and experimental tree planting using native species from local provenance stock (Glen Tanar Estate nursery). The study was successful in releasing funding to enable implementation of a first phase of works including facelift treatment to buildings, creation of a pedestrian only paved zone around buildings enclosed by stone walls with timber shelters incorporating seating, improved signage and ski information. Works also included replacement of snow fencing to assist in holding snow on the slopes,  re-seeding of worn areas of vegetation and experimental tree planting using local provenance native species from Glen Tanar Estate nurseries, Deeside including Caledonian Pine, Birch, Rowan, Eared Willow and Juniper. The ski centre buildings have since been replaced by a major new ski centre building. Client: Lecht Ski Centre Grampian Enterprise & Gordon District Council Architectural advice: Michael & Sue Thornley Architects. Ecological advice: Dr Adam Watson Contract: 1992/93 Cost:  £40,000.00