Dunblane Skatepark

Christopher Palmer Associates were invited by Alex Butter Landscaping Ltd in 2006 to assist with the design development of a long awaited new Skatepark to be sited within Laighills Park, Dunblane. Sketch designs had been prepared by Stirling District Council.

The skatepark sits within a natural amphitheatre at the top of a hill in the park and proposals draw on this natural setting with gentle modification of the existing contours to form viewing terraces around the skatepark bowls.

We proposed perimeter tree planting to enhance shelter, informal seating and lean rails, cycle rails and stepping stone access path from the existing track to the skatepark.

At all stages of the design and construction, skaters from the Dunblane Skate Committee were consulted about the design to make sure that as far as possible the skate elements they desired were incorporated and they were able to see first hand how their skatepark was taking shape during the build.

At the opening in February 2007, ten years after a group of Dunblane skaters first came up with the idea of creating one, Jo Bicheno, chairwoman of the Dunblane skate committee said “I think the skate park is really beautiful. It’s a dream come true. There’s a lot of excitement in the town about it I love the concrete curves. As someone said to me it’s really very subtle and fits in to this area really well.”

Main Contractor: Alex Butter Landscaping Ltd

Construction Cost £148,000.00 (£8,000.00 raised by local volunteer effort)