Ledmore Drive and Dunkenny Road

The practice was appointed in April 2014 to prepare Environmental Improvements to a number of backcourts in Ledmore Drive and Dunkenny Road, Drumchapel.

Backcourts and binstores were in a very dilapidated condition and original brick binstores built to take old metal bins no longer viable for the improved Cleansing Dept. system of larger wheelie bins of various capacities.

Allied with the housing access having a number of steps into the front close and similar at the backs down to the gardens the refuse collection had become inefficient and backcourts were in places hazardous and untidy with varieties of un-collected refuse and tippings.

Garden fences were seriously rusted and dangerous and gardens were, in some cases derelict.

Maintenance due to the state of the backcourts was obviously not as effective as possible.

After a series of Client consultations, presentations and discussions with Cleansing and Planning the proposal of Binstores constructed with a timber frame and mesh cladding was adopted as the major element within the proposals.

This proposal was developed to make construction quicker and easier than traditional brick binstores which would have been awkward because of restricted machine access due to the step arrangements.

Dunkenny Road in particular was cleared and constructed by hand as no machine access was possible.

Gardens were totally demolished, regraded to allow smooth level and easy access slab paths to the drying greens and binstores.

All gardens were turfed with clear good mowing all round for ease of quick efficient maintenance.

A variety of flowering and evergreen climbers were planted at the mesh panels with the aim to achieve a fragrant, colourful cover, up and over each binstore.

Specimen trees and shrubs were added to the boundaries to continue the approach of the planting at neighbouring backcourts.

New fencing secured the individual garden boundaries and maintenance gates to each garden made access for Cleansing and for long term Grounds Maintenance more effective.

Site works commenced in late March 2015 and completed in August 2015.

Handover to Cernach HA was completed in August 2016

– Client: Cernach Housing Assocation

– Contract Value: £ 174,000

– Contractor: Caley Construction

– Fencing and Binstores: Hay and Anderson

– Quantity Surveyor: T.J. Ross

– CDM Co-ordinator: SBA